Justin Bieber held at gun point, robbed after Cape Town concert

CAPE TOWN – Justin Bieber was reportedly threatened and robbed of his $20,000 Rolex wrist watch and other electronic gadgets after his concert in Cape Town, South Africa Wednesday evening.

The Canadian singer and songwriter earlier performed his biggest hits from his ‘Purpose’ album to a huge crowd at the Cape Town Stadium after which he was held at gun point by some three masked men before entering his hotel, police said.

Police have launched an investigation into the attack after they were called at around 1 am, reporting of the incident. A spokesperson for the Cape Town police was reportedly to have said no one was hurt during the incident and that the attackers did not discharge their weapons.

“Justin Bieber was badly shaken but physically unharmed after surrendering his $20,000 Rolex wrist watch, iPhones and iPads to his attackers”, the spokesperson said.

The 23-year old Justin Bieber is said to be doing fine and hopes to fly back to home.

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